(N) Nitrogen Duo AddOn


Product Code: oceamoN

DUO Add-On N supplements our basic supply DUO with a nitrogen source. This can effectively counteract a lack of nutrients.

Due to the coupling to the basic supply, regular dosing takes place, thus constant nitrogen availability is achieved.
Typical dosage: 2 ml DUO Add-On N per liter DUO Approx. 
Only for mixing in DUO. Do not use undiluted. 
In our analyzes, we often find a lack of nutrients, which can promote problems with keeping corals and undesirable growth of cyanobacteria or dinoflagellates.
To respond to this situation, we developed the Oceamo DUO add-ons nitrogen and phosphorus. The add-ons are packaged in a practical dosing syringe and are added to the DUO supply solutions according to the instructions. 
Since DUO is dosed throughout the day, there is an even supply of nutrients.  The nutrient availability is so much more constant than with occasional dosing.
The DUO add-ons are very productive. On average, one packaging unit can add 10 liters of DUO with nutrients.
In the syringe, the nutrient solutions are packaged so that they are safe from contamination, which means that there is no need for preservatives.
DUO add-ons are easy to use , detailed instructions are included with the product
No extra daily maintenance, automatic dosing via basic care .

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