Vyair 100gpd Pumped RO 4 stage with DI


Product Code: VYAJ5MB396

Vyair 100gpd Pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with DI stage designed for use with Marine Aquatics

Fitted with  TP-2600 24DC powered by built in mains  transformer. If you have poor water pressure a pumped unit is essential to provide quality Reverse Osmosis or DI Water. 
We supply everything you need to install and operate the system in one box.
The system can be connected to copper mains water supply, or if you wish with the purchase of a small water connection can be used with an outside tap.
The system operates as follows Stage 1 & 2 removes particles & impurities from the feed water, the water pressure is then raised by pump to 80psi and then fed into the Reverse Osmosis Membrane, the RO water is then passed to DI resin stage for polishing to deliver DI water.
Pumped RO with Low Pressure RO Membrane
Low Pressure Switch to Protect Pump if water supply fails.
High Pressure Switch to use in conjunction with Tank Float Valve.
Supplied with all parts ready for installation
Whats in the Box
Vyair 4 stage 100gpd RO unit with fitted DI Resin stage
5 micron Particle Filter & 10 micron Coconut Block Carbon
Amfor 100gpd Membrane
1 Litre Bag of Colour Change DI Resin
5m 1/4" Water Pipe
Water Connection, Filter Housing & RO Housing Spanners
Important Information
Actual Water Output is dependant upon water characteristics, which include, temperature, turbidity & ph, temperature being the most important.
All measurements are in US gallons 1US Gallon = 3.78 litres, where 1UK Gallon= 4.54 litres.
Membrane life is dependant upon the hardness of your incoming tap water the harder your tap water the shorter you membrane life
As with all other RO membranes you can expect to achieve 50-60% of the rated output from the membrane (mainly due to uk water temperature of 12C)
As with all RO Diaphragm Pumps they are not designed for 24/7 operation and you need to rest the pump for 30mins every 4hrs. This can be achieved using a low cost plug in timer. 
Change RO pre-filters every 4,000 litres of pure water manufacture or 6 months which ever is sooner. We use Coconut Carbon filters on all of our RO systems.
Flush the RO membrane regularly for approximately 5 mins, using the flush tap.
Check the quality of the water coming from the RO membrane regularly.
The DI resin stage will need changing more often than any other filter on the unit, AND the higher the TDS of the Mains tap water the more often the DI resin will need changing.
Due to the extremely high output of this unit approximately 10-12L per hour, if your main tap water is very hard there may be a need to include an extra DI Stage to ensure 0 TDS. Reason RO membranes remove 94-99% of impurities, fine for 0 TDS if your input water is 150-200, but if really high consider a second DI Filter Stage.
This unit is a quality unit and we support this with a full spare parts service, we keep all the spares you will ever need in stock and available for immediate despatch.

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